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JetsetBabecom: Anna Bey’s Advice on Attracting Wealthy Men

Anna Bey is an Estonian-Swedish socialite who has gained a considerable following through her website JetsetBabe.com, offering advice to women on how to attract and date wealthy men. While the concept of women seeking to improve their social standing through a high-net-worth individual is not new, Bey’s approach and advice have generated widespread attention due to her perceived success in the international jet-set.

In this article, we will examine the key principles of Anna Bey’s advice, her background, and the positives and negatives of her approach. Bey’s background and success in the international jet-set

Anna Bey’s background serves as a context for her advice to women seeking to attract wealthy men.

She was born and raised in Estonia before moving to Sweden for further studies. It was during this time she became interested in the lavish lifestyles of the wealthy and saw it as an opportunity to level-up her own life.

In pursuit of this lifestyle, Bey began to study the habits and behaviours of the international jet-set and developed a system she calls “Level-Up” which she claims has helped her climb the social ladder. Advice on how to dress, behave, and find rich men

Bey’s advice on attracting wealthy men is grounded in the idea that women can improve their chances of success by adopting a certain mindset and behaviour.

This includes taking care of one’s physical appearance by dressing appropriately, being well-groomed, and maintaining good hygiene. In addition to dressing the part, Bey also advises women to behave in a way that is deemed attractive, such as being polite, reserved, and paying attention to social etiquette.

Finally, Bey advocates for women to frequent the right places where rich men congregate, including high-end bars, yachts, and exclusive clubs.

Market for JetsetBabe and criticism labels given to women

While JetsetBabe.com has garnered significant attention, it has also been subjected to criticism for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and promoting a transactional view of relationships. The Facebook group for JetsetBabe has been labeled as an avenue for “Gold Diggers” and “Sugar Babies” to exchange tips on how to attract wealthy men.

Critics argue that this label puts a negative spotlight on women who are simply seeking financial security or a better standard of living.

Limitations of this form of female liberation and contribution to gender and wealth inequalities

The pursuit of wealthy men as a means of liberation for women is contentious. While it may provide some women with financial security or an escape from hardship, it also contributes to the gender and wealth gap.

By placing a greater emphasis on a man’s social status and financial position, women may overlook their partner’s personal qualities and values, creating an imbalanced power dynamic. Moreover, the pursuit of wealth through relationships perpetuates the notion that money provides freedom or liberation from societal norms, which only serves to exacerbate the divide between the rich and poor.


Anna Bey’s advice on how to attract wealthy men has generated significant attention and criticism alike. While her background and success in the international jet-set have given her advice credibility, the transactional approach to relationships and the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes raises questions about the legitimacy of her approach.

Ultimately, the pursuit of wealth through relationships is a personal decision that has positive and negative consequences. Understanding these consequences and the broader context of gender and wealth inequalities is essential when considering the advice of JetsetBabe.com.

Final thoughts on JetsetBabe.com and women seeking millionaire lifestyles

Coping strategy for mundane day-to-day life and pity towards these women

The idea of using a lavish lifestyle as a coping strategy for the rigours of day-to-day life is not new. However, it can be argued that the promotion of such a lifestyle as an ideal for women to aspire to has unfortunate consequences.

Critics argue that it encourages women to adopt a shallow and superficial outlook on life, prioritizing luxuries over more meaningful pursuits. Additionally, the constant pursuit of wealth through relationships and materialism can lead to feelings of inadequacy and depression.

This, in turn, fuels a sense of pity towards women who are seemingly trapped in a cycle of materialistic desires and superficial living. It is essential to recognize that women who choose to pursue millionaire lifestyles do so of their own accord, and it is not our place to judge their motivations or choices.

It may be that for some, the pursuit of this lifestyle provides them with a form of escape, a means of survival, or simply a different form of happiness. Instead of pity, we should seek to understand their perspectives and provide support to those who may suffer from the negative consequences of such a lifestyle.

Steem as an alternative social media platform for bloggers, vloggers, and entrepreneurs

For those seeking to explore alternative social media platforms, Steem offers a decentralized network that rewards content creators financially for their contributions. Steem has become popular amongst bloggers, vloggers, and entrepreneurs who are tired of the traditional social media platforms and the lack of transparency in the reward system.

By using a blockchain-based system, Steem is able to offer users financial rewards based on the quality and value of their contributions. This has created a more level playing field, where content creators are rewarded for their work, rather than the number of followers or likes they have.

Steem allows users to create and share content freely and without interference from centralized organizations or governments. This decentralization provides greater control and transparency over the content posted, ensuring that the platform remains open and fair to all users.

Moreover, Steem’s community-driven approach cultivates a sense of support and collaboration amongst its users, creating a dynamic platform where ideas and innovation can flourish. In conclusion, pursuing a millionaire lifestyle through relationships and maintenance of a lavish lifestyle poses a complex set of challenges for those who undertake it.

It is crucial to understand the motivations and mentalities of the individuals who aspire to such lifestyles, support them, and recognize that individual freedom to choose is important. While alternative social media platforms like Steem offer a refreshing change to traditional social media, it may not be an alternative for everyone.

However, the creation of decentralized platforms that prioritize user-generated content, offers a more equitable system that rewards users equally based on quality and value of their contributions. In summary, JetsetBabe.com and Anna Bey’s advice on how to attract a rich boyfriend have generated a significant amount of attention and criticism.

While pursuing a lavish lifestyle through relationships and materialism is a personal decision, understanding the motivations and consequences of such a lifestyle is essential. Steem is an alternative social media platform where content creators are rewarded based on quality and value, which offers a refreshing change to traditional social media.

In answering key questions, we emphasize that it is not our place to judge individuals’ choices and motivations, critical thinking is essential, and finding coping strategies and support networks is crucial to coping with daily stressors, lack of direction, or prestige.



Is it ethical to pursue a millionaire lifestyle through relationships? Ans: As long as both parties consent, it’s not illegal or unethical, but there are consequences that need to be considered.

2. Isn’t Anna Bey promoting harmful stereotypes about women by suggesting they use their appearance and behavior to snag rich men?

Ans: While her approach might be criticized as transactional, it is not our place to judge the choices of individual women, but rather to offer suggestions for them to own their individual worth and inner qualities. 3.

Is there a healthy way to pursue a millionaire lifestyle? Ans: Pursuing a lavish lifestyle is a personal decision, and having a critical mindset and finding a healthy balance is key.

4. How can someone cope with mundane day-to-day life without resorting to materialism?

Ans: Finding a healthy coping strategy that involves building support networks, focusing on personal growth, self-care or spirituality could provide value, purpose and fulfillment beyond material gain. 5.

Is Steem a sustainable alternative to traditional social media platforms like Facebook? Ans: Decentralized social media platforms like Steem offer a more equitable system that values quality and community, and this alternative to Facebook can provide users with control over their content, but may not be the solution for all users.

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